My 25 picks of 2015 movies

My 25 picks of 2015 movies


1. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Soul Boys of the Western World: Spandau Ballet the Movie (影評:)
3. What We Do in the Shadows (影評:《低俗殭屍玩出征》不落俗套的搞惡笑片)
4. Wild Tales
5. The Rewrite (影評:大器晚成)
6. The Man from UNCLE
7. Black Mass (影評:《極黑勢力》-JOHNNY DEPP從影以來最令人戰悚的演出)
8. The Imitation Game (影評:向電腦之父ALAN TURING致敬之作)
9. American Sniper (影評:《美國狙擊手》—軍人的寫照)
10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
11. Love and Mercy (影評:THE BEACH BOYS主腦BRIAN WILSON傳記電影)
12. Spy
13. 風雲耆英會
14. Nightcrawler
15. Monica Z
16. Kingsman: The Secret Service
17. Chappie
18. The Age of Adaline
19. A Royal Night Out
20. Irrational Man (影評:WOODY ALLEN 《IRRATIONAL MAN》短評)
21. Goosebumps (影評:合家歡B MOVIE《書中自有魔怪谷》)
22. Amy (影評:爵士女伶AMY WINEHOUSE傳記紀錄片)
23. Predestination
24. Crimson Peak
25. Victor Frankenstein

TOP 25-2


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