summer with monkia

Summer with Monika / Sommaren med Monika, 1953
Directed and Screenplay by Ingmar Bergman
Based on Summer with Monika by Per Anders Fogelström
Cast: Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg

Henry 遇上了Monica,留下了回憶一生的美好的夏日戀愛,英瑪褒曼的<Summer with Monika>算輕手,憂鬱中帶有希望。

In spring, quiet Harry and impulsive Monica found each other. Soon the young lovers stole a boat begun a getaway in summer, away from troubled city life, bathing under the warm sun, swimming care-free, doing silly things together. Suddenly life became bearable even hopeful. Season changed, Henry and Monica back to the reality having a baby girl. Things fell apart eventually and Harry’ve just realized this was the best summer he ever had. Looking into the mirror once again, the boy he used to be was gone forever.

Ingmar Bergman sure liked Harriet Andersson very much….