The Big Sick / 情人眼裡巴基斯, 2017

今年除了<Get Out>小刀鋸大樹,還有這部由Judd Apatow製片的愛情喜劇<The Big Sick>。老實說近十年的愛情喜劇雖然產量一樣多,但水準卻大多普通,不同面孔演同樣的劇情細節,或是撞車患病老土橋段。其實<The Big Sick>一樣也有患病生離死別的轉折位,但它不是高潮,由男主角Kumail Nanjiani與妻子Emily V. Gordon聯合編寫劇本,把二人事實戀愛故事搬上大銀幕,來自巴基斯坦,穆斯林教出身家庭的男主角與白人女主角相戀,大家也想像到有何難處,亦令大家發現愛情喜劇是可以這個可能性,十分新鮮。

文化差異是<The Big Sick>其中一個元素,然而一部出色的愛情喜劇要有令人發笑的魅力,還有細節編寫也十分重要。<The Big Sick>兩者兼備。Hugh Grant髮型笑話,調教鬧鐘禮拜(穆斯林每天必須禮拜五次),以台上stand up comedy面對種族歧言論,等等,都會心微笑,因為寫得真實幽默。而細節是令電影真實感動的重要元素。例如男主角Kumail Nanjiani來到美國後已經不再相信穆斯林教,每次入房禮拜原來打遊戲機了事,奈何在傳統父母高壓管教下,只好做些門面工苦來應對,不能自由戀愛,不停相親,夢想做笑匠也只好偷偷摸摸,這些都是男主角面對的兩難,也是由他本人編寫才有這樣真實。


雖然有批評<The Big Sick>喜劇元素不夠強,但我個人覺得 Kumail Nanjiani的確非常幽默,即場爆肚又夠好笑, 演女主角媽媽的影后級演員Holly Hunter,惡得來也十分有喜劇感,非常搶鏡。

American romantic comedy film “The Big Sick” unexpectedly smashes the box office and gains nearly all mainstream film critics praises. After a long time of a few decent romantic comedy, “The Big Sick” is refreshing as spring that shows the romantic comedy film still has some fresh angles left for screenwriter to explore.

I must say “The Big Sick” makes me laugh for the first half of the film, and makes shed quite a few tears in the second half of it. The screenplay is written by the lead actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon, with Judd Apatow as film producer, which is loosely based on their true story. How they met, how they fell in love, and what did they have to deal with their culture difference, and of course how they finally be together. The plot maybe just as any usual romantic comedy except the lover come from a total different background, different race and religious which means different the way of life. For Kumail Nanjiani, he would neither lose his family nor his love, this dilemma is very refreshing. What makes “The Big Sick” so heartfelt and brilliant is the details. Kumail Nanjiani has to play along with his parents plans and at the same time chase his dream and love. More importantly, he embraces American culture, he admires this free country, he pursues his dream and his love. And he doesn’t believe Muslim anymore, that’s the truth. I believe the heartfelt brilliant screenplay should credited to Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani for this is their very true story.

The Big Sick / 情人眼裡巴基斯, 2017
Directed by Michael Showalter
Producer by Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel
Written by Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani
Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano