B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989, 2015
Directed by Jorg A. Hoppe, Heiko Lange, Klaus Maeck
Edited by Alexander von Sturmfeder

Documentary film “B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989” is not about the English band, is about Mark Reeder, the founder of the electronic dance music labels MFS, trying to tell us stories when he went from his hometown Manchester to West Berlin the during the Cold War, to live and to work. This very idea is simply fascinating, to me this period music, movies and art flourished, the most exciting thing since Weimar era. What makes Cold War Berlin so mysterious , first of all you can’t just go to West Berlin without a fuss, for all you know West Berlin is surrounded by West Germany, behind the iron curtain. This experience alone is worth to tell.

Mark Reeder’s precious unseen footages are well-organized and the audiences can have a glimpse of West Berlin subculture and art scene. It was raw punk and inspiring. There was lots of celebrated acts and bands born in West Berlin. Mark Reeder got involved with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Blixa Bargeld, Malaria!, Die Toten Hosen, with his close relationship with Manchester Factory Records, he was strongly connected with the punk/post punk/gothic/avant-garde scene in West Berlin, always trying to discover new fresh sound.

Towards to the end of the Cold War, two sides of the Wall was getting busier and more intense. There was the legendary David Bowie concert near the Wall, singing “Heroes”, the speakers were deliberately faced to the East. Bowie certainly contributed to in fall of the Wall, along with Bruce Springsteen.

“B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989” selected a list of exciting acts as soundtrack. Among Mark Reeder’s own work, there are electronic musician Anne Clark from England, Malaria! under his own label, Die Unbekannten, Shark Vegas, Joy Division, Ideal, Abwarts, Edgar Froese, Westbam. These are the soundtrack of the city.